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So if you know me, you know that my little sister is getting married.  And no, there won’t really be any huppahs, at least probably not.  My family (the Hoopers) are all crazy.  But in a good way.  In my family the crazy is pretty universal, it’s just manifested with some fun variety. My sisters and I could not be more like our parents, or each other. It’s like we are the same people. Except for the fact that we are also complete opposites. I mean we couldn’t be more different. My parents are super straight laced, but not really. And my sisters and I are free-spirits, but not really. We are pretty contradictory as individuals and as a unit I guess. Conservative hippies, well-adjusted crazies, organized messes, overly-rational weepers, smart blondes- the seeming contradictions go on and on.

So, back to my sister’s wedding. She’s getting married at my friends’ house, who are total hippies, just like my sisters and I are.  Except of course that they really aren’t at all and neither are we.  Simultaneously hippies and the opposite of hippies.  My dad said the other day that this was the weirdest wedding he’s ever been a part of and I agree, to an extent. If you know my mom, it’s insane. If you know my sister it makes perfect sense. But if you know them both you know this out-there, free-spirited, getting married in the trees, surrounded by paper birds sister is probably the most similar of all of us to my proper, clean-freak, reserved mom. Completely the same, totally different. Are you seeing a recurring theme here?

One of the things that my sister’s crazy, carnival, hippie wedding (again, if you know my mother, opposite world) is reminding me of is that I have an awesome (albeit, nuts) family. What a cool thing to get to say.  I mean, sure everyone loves their families, but hey you have to.  My parents and my sisters are truly among my very best friends, we are exactly the same and completely different.  We aren’t perfect, that’s for sure, but we are always at least entertaining. And I sure like them.

The other thing I’m being reminded of in all this craziness of our lives right now, how they intertwine, intersect and even clash, is that life is full of contradictions.  To quote my favorite fake physicist (yes, I have favorite real ones too), “the universe is full of odd bumps and twists.”  The whole cosmos is cohesion and combustion, intricate and infinite, light and dark, energy and entropy, all woven together in a beautiful mess of chaos and order.  Everything is always changing. Everything stays the same. The universe is full of diversity and unity; the whole of the cosmos is one giant paradox.

I think people, and especially families, are really the same. A beautiful mess that is all woven together in chaos and order, sameness and difference, cohesion and combustion. At least mine is. I’m sure yours is exactly the same. And completely different.