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I’m pretty excited about it too. When I was kid I was jealous of my little sister. For a lot of reasons (she’s kind of perfect) but mostly because her first and middle initials are “AR” which added to about any letter can spell a word. Pretty much my choices are g or s for any words (yes I know “eggs” has two g’s but beggars can’t be choosers). So when my husband and I were dating, one of the things that really made me like the idea of marrying him was the spelling possibiblities. Crazy right? Well tell me something I don’t know.
So other things you might need to know to read my bogs…
I have a crazy, amazing family. I love music, literature, history, philosophy, science, and math because I love the story of the God of the universe showing His love to His creation and how humanity can interact with the Creator through nature and art, discovery and exploration, relationships and research- all proclaiming a God who loves us. Oh and I like TV and sports. And tacos. MMMMM tacos…..