…buy all of the things i never had.

Am I the only Christian that will admit that I like this song? Probably. For those who have never heard this song (or who won’t admit that they have), Travie McCoy basically talks about all the different things he would do with his money if he were a billionaire. One of the lines says, “I’d prolly pull an Angelina and Brad Pitt and adopt a bunch of babies…” (I won’t finish that line). That line makes me sad. He’s basically saying that you have to have phenomenal wealth in order to adopt. I think that’s tragic. I think it’s tragic that it does cost a lot of money to adopt sweet orphans. I also think it’s tragic because it seems to be the mentality of many. “I’ll adopt when I have more money. Or when I’m more financially secure.” Well. What if God said, “I’ll adopt them when they stop sinning so that I don’t have to give up my only son for them”?

The fact is adoption costs. It costs time. It costs resources. It costs counseling (in many cases). It costs money. It costs humility. It costs grace. It costs obedience.

The fact is we are told to take care of the fatherless and the orphans. And it makes perfect sense. We are to adopt, we are to care for the fatherless because God first adopted us. What a beautiful opportunity to represent the Gospel in our families.

Enough of my soapbox:) Those that know us, know that we have had a heart for adoption since before we even knew each other. I remember J and I talking about adoption on our first date, actually. Those that know us, also know that we are waiting on God to tell us when right now. We have been researching and praying since right before we found out I was pregnant with the Judderbudder and we are content with waiting right now. Looking back over the past year (right around this time last year I wrote a blog announcing we were selling our house and adopting immediately), I see clearly that we needed to wait (and still do need to wait for now). But J and I have been super encouraged by many of our friends pursuing obedience to God’s command to care for the fatherless.

In the past couple of months, 2 of our closest friends have started the adoption process (one from Ethiopia and one from the states). We have also recognized the call that while it is not God’s time for us to adopt a sweet child right now, we are still called to care for the fatherless. So. What does that look like if we’re not bringing a child into our family right now? Well. It simply means that we support those who are, prayerfully and financially.

Most of those who know me, know that I am running a half-marathon in October. Whenever I run races, I always like to run for a cause. This time, I knew my cause immediately: the orphan. On behalf of our dear friends, the Neases and the Gilberts, I am running to help bring their children home to a forever family. I am running to raise awareness of the insane amount of children that go to sleep every night in an orphanage with no one to read them bedtime stories, tell them “I love you,” pray for them, and kiss them goodnight. I will blog about my training and I will blog about adoption until the race, so check back frequently!

I am asking that you donate money for these 2 precious families to be able to bring their children home. An adoption here in the states costs roughly $18,000 and an adoption from Ethiopia is about $30,000. My goal is to raise $1000. That’s such a small amount when you look at the bigger numbers I just mentioned. But we serve a God who has unlimited resources. I know it is a tough time economically speaking. I am asking that you set your fears aside, that you set your comforts aside momentarily and you really ask God what He wants you to give.

I will have a PayPal up by the end of the week, but if you would like to avoid the percentage that PayPal takes out of your donation then you can send your check to me:

Terah Sampler

4641 Demontluzin St.

NOLA 70122

I will split the donations between these 2 families equally – all proceeds going to their adoption funds.

One more thing…please pass this blog along to your friends, families, acquaintances, and perfect strangers. They would appreciate all the love you can give. Here are their blogs if you would like to check out their stories: