Over the last few weeks, God has continued to bring JJ Heller’s “What Love Really Means” to mind. I thought it was because my clients needed to hear the words (and I do think that is one of the reasons), but today the song struck me in a new way. The song starts out with a little story about a boy that goes like this:

He cries in the corner where nobody sees
He’s the kid with the story no one would believe
He prays every night “Dear God won’t you please…
Could you send someone here who will love me?”

Who will love me for me?
Not for what I have done or what I will become
Who will love me for me?
‘Cause nobody has shown me what love
What love really means, what love really means

Now my thoughts are clearly speculation. But as I listened to this song this morning, I imagined a little boy at an orphanage who has never known love. He goes to sleep at night without being hugged, kissed, prayed for, and tucked in. No one hears (or cares) when he wakes up crying at night. Sure, he has a bed (if you can call it that) to sleep in and food to eat. But he doesn’t know what it’s like to be loved. He’s begging, pleading for someone to “love me for me.”

When I think about these things, I become angry (which is my secondary emotion for the absolute heartbreak that I feel…thank you EFT) for these children. When are we going to become so heartbroken for the orphan that we become angry at the injustice? Sure, we might applaud those who adopt and agree that the vast amount of children that go to sleep alone every night is a tragedy. But when are we going to allow our anger at injustice move us to action? When are we going to show these kids (and the world) what love really means?

Somewhere there’s a little boy in Ethiopia longing for the day when the Gilberts get to bring him home and love him for him. Somewhere there’s a baby about to be born who desperately needs the Nease’s to show him what love really means. Will you help them? You may not be able to adopt yourself, but here are 2 families who are trying to show the great love of our Father  and you can be a part of that. Adoption is not free. Please pray about giving financially to these 2 families. You don’t have to know them to be a part of the story they tell their children one day about how God’s people helped to bring them home.