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Sometimes I post ridiculously serious and hard stuff. Other times I post ridiculously crazy and funny stuff. This post will probably be my favorite post because it’s about a conversation I had with my Judderbudder.

Judson is hilarious. I’m not just saying this because he’s my kid. He really says some of the most hilarious things. He has an incredible imagination. I’m not even kidding. He has been really into pretending that he’s a doggie lately, for whatever reason. Yesterday, he put his paws on (aka, his crocs) and asked me to take the doggie for a walk. So I loaded Caleb in the stroller and walked my boys around our neighborhood. With Jud being on all fours. I couldn’t even make that up. The people driving by obviously thought I was the best mom in the world. I mean. I kind of am. Please tell me you people can read sarcasm. Jud is hilarious and creative and imaginative and just has a beautiful mind. I know I’m his mom and you think I have to say those things. But I don’t. I am not one of those American Idol moms who tell their kids that they’re the greatest singers in the world and then go on a cursing spree on national television when someone says otherwise. My oldest kid cannot sing. There I said it. You heard it here first. My oldest kid is not the greatest athlete. Maybe he will prove me wrong in these areas as he grows up. But let’s be honest. He has Jason and me for parents. He didn’t exactly come from the strongest gene pools when it comes to athleticism and musicianship. So I highly doubt he will ever be a legit rock star or an all-star athlete. So no. I’m not just saying these things about Jud because I’m his mom.

All of that to say, my son teaches me things on a daily basis. He teaches me how to find beauty in this crazy, messed up world. He teaches me how to find joy when I am so angry I could throw something. He teaches me not to take myself so seriously. He teaches me that sometimes, kids just want to play with their toys – no hidden agendas. Here’s a conversation we had just this morning that taught me just that:

Jud: Mommy, I’m dirty. You have to clean me up.
Me: how did you get dirty?
Jud: Monkey touched me with his dirty brown paws.
Me: But Monkey isn’t dirty, buddy. He’s clean.
Jud: But he’s brown just like dirt is brown so he’s dirty. So I’m dirty. You need to clean me up.
Me: Just because Monkey is brown doesn’t make him dirty. That’s just what color he is.
Jud: But brown is dirty.

So I thought this would be a great time to talk about skin color. He really hasn’t noticed different skin colors yet. Well. I’m sure he has noticed. But it’s never concerned him. He’s never talked about or wondered why people are a different color than he is. Since Caleb came to us, he has always been Jud’s baby brother. Jud has never wondered where he came from or why he’s a different color than him. He’s always accepted him for who he is, his baby brother. I love this about him. I wish more grown-ups saw people for who they really are instead of their skin color or their successes or their failures. I wish I could bottle this up and make sure his view is never ever tainted by this sin-scarred world. But all I can do, is try my best to teach him how to view others like Jesus views them. I’ve been waiting for the day he would notice and be curious about why his baby brother is a different color than him. And I thought when he said, “but brown is dirty” this was a perfect teaching opportunity. Here’s the rest of our conversation:

Me: Yes, dirt is brown. But just because something is brown, doesn’t mean it is dirty. What color is your baby brother?
Jud: He’s brown.
Me: And is he dirty?
Jud: No.
Me: So what makes you think Monkey is dirty?
Jud: He just got me dirty with his dirty paws so I need to take a bath.
Me: (realizing what he’s actually trying to communicate) Are you just pretending to be dirty?
Jud: Yeah.
Me: Because you want to take a bath?
Jud: Yeah. So I can play with my bath boat.

It’s ok to laugh at me. I laugh at myself quite often. Sometimes kids aren’t trying to communicate some deep truth. Sometimes kids just want to take a bath so they can play with their new toy.

I get to enjoy his innocence for a little while longer.