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Today, the most important woman in my life turns 51. She is no less than amazing. She has taught me much. And I’m going to share the top 5 things she has instilled in me.


5. My good looks. Before y’all get all “how full of herself is she,” let me explain. My mom is hottest 51 year old I know. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Some people have nicknamed her Barbie. She is one hot mama. And if you’ve ever seen my mom, you would quickly agree that I look just like her. No. I’m not saying I’m one step away from being a super model. I’m saying she is. Anything remotely attractive about me, I got it from my mama. I only hope I look half as good at 51 as she does. Judging by how I feel at 29, I did not inherit aging well from her.


4. My insane stubbornness. My mama can dig her heels in better than anyone I know. She does not give up or give in easily. At a church function once, someone decided it would be a good idea to challenge her as to how many hotdogs she could eat. They said she couldn’t even eat 2. She ate 6. She was a size 2 then. I don’t know where she put 6 freaking hot dogs. But she put those suckers away without even blinking. And in case you haven’t met me, I don’t back down from a challenge. You tell me I can’t do something, I will do it just to prove you wrong. Unless it involves snakes. Then I’m out faster than you can say go.


3. My love for shoes. Hi. My name is Terah and I’m addicted to shoes. It’s true. Growing up, my mom would buy a pair of shoes and then find something to wear them with. I rarely remember a shopping trip with mama that didn’t end with at least 1 new pair of shoes. And I love shoes just as much. This is a hard addiction to have when you’re married to a CAB. Babe, I get it from my mama. Take it up with her.


2. My clumsiness. My mom is queen of clumsy and I’m the princess. When we were little, she ended up in the ER bc she pulled the attic ladder down and it hit her nose. Just a few weeks ago, she fell bc she put 2 step stools on top of each other trying to change batteries in the smoke alarm. And for those who know me, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. My nickname growing up was BooBoo. Not as in Yogi’s sidekick. As in, you’re so clumsy you gets tons of “booboos.” I fell out of a buggy at a grocery store. They had to call an ambulance and everything. In college, I fell down an entire flight of stairs. In a towel. Don’t ask. And ended up in the emergency room. Oh my. My middle name is not “Grace” for a reason.


1. My love of giving. For those who don’t know, my mom is the most giving person you will ever meet. She loves giving gifts. She lights up when she gets to give people things. When I was in college, my mom found out that a girl who lived in my dorm wasn’t going to have any presents for Christmas. She went on a shopping spree and came back with tons of stuff for this girl she may have met one time. My parents aren’t loaded. They don’t have tons and tons of money. But she made it a priority to make sure this girl had something for Christmas. Without expecting anything in return. She is always doing stuff like that. Always wanting to give and never wanting anything in return. Now. I’m not exactly like my mom here. I still have a long way to go. I’m not as generous. I’m not as kind. But I want to be. I hope when I’m 51, the thing my kids remember most about me is that I was giving.


This list only scratches the surface of what my amazing, spirited mom has taught me. You have taught me to be strong, independent, loving, funny, and kind. I am who I am today in huge part bc of her. So thanks for making me so awesome. They really need to develop a sarcasm font on here.


Happy 51st birthday, Mama. You are prettier, funnier, kinder, stronger, and wiser with each year. Here’s to 51 more. Xoxo.