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Today is a big day for us. It’s the day Caleb’s biological paternal rights will be terminated & he will be legally free for adoption.

It is a very bittersweet day for us.

Caleb came to us straight from the hospital at 6 days old. And we fell in love immediately. It has never been a question whether or not we would pursue adoption if that became an option for him.

But adoption always comes with loss.

I know, even though he has never known them, C will have to grieve the loss of his first family one day. And that breaks my heart for him.

And it grieves me that C’s birth mom is not capable to care for him. My heart breaks for her loss. We will never speak ill of her in our family. I wrote this blog to explain why. It would be easy to condemn her. To cast her to the side. She’s made mistakes. She’s done things that can’t be undone.

But dear friends, we have all made mistakes.

We have all done or said things we wish we could take back. And I could be her. It is only by grace that I’m not. So today is very bittersweet for my little family. We rejoice at being one step closer to making Caleb our legal son. But we also grieve the losses that today will bring.

Will you pray with us today?
Pray for Caleb – that he will never doubt that he is loved. That his earthly adoption will teach him of a much more significant adoption & will point him to Christ one day.
Pray for his birth mom – for comfort in losing her son. That she would be broken over her choices & God would redeem her life. That she will know that Jesus is greater than the mistakes she has made.
Pray for the judge – that he will truly seek justice for Caleb today.
Pray for C’s social worker & lawyer – that C’s adoption will point them to Jesus.
Pray for us – that will navigate the losses today brings with grace & understanding. That we will seek justice for C but also mercy for his birth mom. That our lives will point to Jesus.