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For those who don’t know, I’m the sister of the groom today. About 29 1/2 years ago, his life was drastically changed for the better. Obviously. We were super close growing up. We played games together, along with our stuffed animals. I forced him to play Barbies with me. He secretly loved it. I loved growing up with this guy. He was my best friend. I wanted to be just like him, though I would have never admitted it. He has always been a peaceful, non-confrontational guy. I literally tried to make him fight with me. He never caved. And that made me even angrier. I should have been born a red-head. I have always been super protective of my big brother. No girl has ever been good enough.

And then April came along.

We met her on our Disney trip 2 years ago and we all fell in love with her. Brother is super secretive about dating. Scott has always joked that we would just randomly get an invitation to his wedding one day. So we were all like international spies trying to figure out if they were dating or not. They rode the Tower of Terror with us and I looked at Jason and said, “Oh! Babe! His hand is on her knee!” A couple months went by and I finally just came out and asked him if they were dating.

The answer was no and I was crushed.

The next spring I sent Brother a text saying I wanted to set him up on a date. His response? “Thanks but I’m already seeing someone.” And without him telling me, I knew it was April. By that fall, Jud was calling her Aunt April and at Christmas I told Brother that if he didn’t marry her I would break up with him and keep April. I have always wanted a sister and I couldn’t have picked a better one myself. She is kind, caring, and genuine. She loves my big brother and is just as protective of him as I am. I couldn’t have picked a better person for him to spend the rest of his life with. I am beyond ecstatic to officially welcome April as part of our family. I love you both and pray that as you grow in your love for God, you would grow in your love for each other. I am honored to be a part of the beginning of the rest of your lives. I love you both more than you could possibly know.

To April and Brother. It’s just weird to call him Jarod.