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Death is not pretty. At all. Not even a little bit. Even when someone passes peacefully, there is still brokenness and loss and grief for those left behind. I am a counselor. I have been trained to walk with people through grief, loss, and pain. I have had several friends who have lost their parents and I have walked a long side them during that time. But nothing really ever prepares you for the ugliness of death when it hits your home, your family. A few months ago I told a close friend who has experienced the loss of a father that I didn’t know which is worse, losing your dad suddenly & immediately or watching, day by day & minute by minute, the life slip away from your dad. They’re both incredibly sucky. Watching death creep in is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It is painful. Watching someone struggle a little more each day to breathe. Watching their agony as their legs & hips hurt because they’re too weak to move around. It is undignified. Watching a strong man be stripped down to skin & bones. It is ugly.

We were not created for death. Death is not how it was supposed to be. When God created man, He created him for life. He created him for a life of peace. And then sin entered the world. And sin brought death. And death is so so ugly. But that’s not the entire truth about death. The truth about death is that Christ overcame it’s power on the cross. The truth about death is that life isn’t over when you breathe your final breath for those who know Jesus. The truth about death is that soon, very soon, Scott’s faith will be made sight. The truth about death is that we do not mourn as those who have no hope. The truth about death is that Jesus is so much more. And that isn’t ugly at all. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Will you pray for my family during this time?

Please ask God for mercy. Though we will miss our husband, dad, brother, son, & G-Daddy greatly, we desperately want for him to be made whole again.
Please ask for comfort. Though we have hope because Christ overcame death, we mourn the loss of our loved one. He will be greatly missed.
Please ask that Christ would glorify Himself in death.

1 Corinthians 15:55-57