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I am not super mom. Far from it. Sometimes my kids drive me nuts. A lot. Sometimes I let my kids watch mindless television so I can have a few minutes of peace and quiet. Sometimes I don’t speak to my kids in gentle, sing-songy tones. Ok. I never speak to my kids in sing-songy tones. Have you met me? I could not write a book on parenting. No one would read it. I promise. So let me dispel any notion you may have that you have to be some lovey-dovey, Disney movie character-like mom in order to do foster care/adoption.

They let me do it for crying out loud. Come on.

I read a blog a few weeks ago that talked about how God most definitely gives you more than you can handle. That’s why we need Him. And that’s foster care/adoption. “How I do it” is only through Jesus. I used to get annoyed when I would tell someone how awesome they were at something and they would say, “It’s not me, it’s Jesus.” That drove me bananas. B.a.n.a.n.a.s. Seriously. And then this season of my life happened where just breathing was a chore some days. But then I would find new mercy the next day. And the day after that. And then every day after that.

I would find it because I desperately needed it.

And then I understood what those people meant. I have happened upon a season in my life where I genuinely cannot take credit for “doing it.” So you wonder how? I will tell you – Jesus. New mercies. Everyday. Grace. Upon grace. Upon grace. And do you want to know the hardest part about foster care/adoption? When we began, I thought it would be having to “give back” the kids. And I know that’s what many of you think, too. Because you tell me as much. But that’s not the hardest part. Sure, that’s hard. But the most excruciating part is the stories these kids and their families bear. So much brokenness. Some days it punches me in my gut. And, outside of obedience, that’s why we keep doing it.

These kids and their families need someone to show them love. Not the superficial, fake kind. But the same kind that Jesus showed us. The lay-down-my-life-for-you kind. These mamas need someone to look at them and tell them they are worth more than their mistakes & failures. Jesus proved that on the cross. These babies need someone to look at them and tell them they are worth more than being shuffled from family to family wondering if they will ever have a permanent home. Jesus proved that on the cross. That’s “how we can do it.”

Jesus did it for us.