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I have been going over and over this book in my head. And I started going back through it and making notes on all of my highlights. And then I stopped because I had 5 full pages on the first 3 chapters. Basically, I want to copy, word for word, this book here for you. But something about copyright laws and I really am not interested in being sued or arrested or whatever they do to people that copy full books they haven’t written onto their blogs. So I realized I just needed to start writing this thing or I never would. And you all have been waiting ever so patiently. Mostly for the giveaway, I’m sure.

I tend to read things skeptically. I know that humans don’t get things right all the time. You know, because of their humanity and all (duh). So I read through books, blogs, and the like with the realization that the writer probably won’t get everything just right. I know that I never get things just right either. But in this book, dear people, Jen gets it right. (We’re on a first name basis. Obviously.) This book is all about the journey God brought her family on, awakening this desire to see a new thing happen with the church, with God’s people. She put words to this crazy passion God began stirring in me some time ago.

It’s almost as if she opened up my mind and took out all my thoughts and then just said them way better.

The main idea of Interrupted is to be broken and poured out for the least of these. The idea that Jesus came for the broken, the sick, and the needy. The idea that believers should be about loving sacrificially those who need it most, rather than blessing blessed people. Interrupted is humbling and convicting and penetrating and vulnerable and refreshing.

It would be so easy to take my little family and run hide underground somewhere. There is so much brokenness. I can’t breathe when I think about all the brokenness sometimes. I’m scared to move because of all the brokenness sometimes. But it is our job to penetrate the dark places. It is our job to love and care for those the world has deemed unlovable and unworthy. It is our job to be broken and poured out for the least of these.

Because we are the least of these and Jesus was broken and poured out for us.

I think there are so many different ways to be broken & poured out, to be light in the darkest of places, to be peace & truth, hope & love to this broken world. There are just so many. And sometimes I look at all the things that need to be done and should be done and I just shake my head and cry out, “There’s just too much brokenness and not enough healing hands. We can’t do enough.” And we can’t. But what if we all did something? Whether it’s taking in kids who need a safe place to lay their head for a while, starting a company that allows the families across the globe to put food on their tables, or speaking out against racial injustice. We can all do something. We all need to do something.

We all need to do something that offers hope & peace, kindness & truth again.

What can you do show a better picture to those who are watching the church? How is God asking you to be broken and poured out for the least of these? What would you be unwilling to give up if God asked you to? Like your real answer. Not your church answer.

Are you willing to be a messenger of peace to a broken world?

*Leave a comment here discussing these questions plus share this post on social media for a chance to win your very own copy of Interrupted. I promise you. You want this book. You need this book. Everyone needs God to interrupt their lives. Let me know how many places you’ve shared (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.) for more entries to win. You have until Monday at midnight, people.  I am so excited to get this book out to you. I really am. If all of a sudden I find myself with a benevolent great-aunt or something who gives me a ton of cash for no good reason, then I promise I will buy each of you a copy because it is that important. So on the off-chance that doesn’t happen & you don’t find yourself with the one copy I actually have to give away, then run to your nearest store and buy this thing.