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A lot of really hard and inconvenient and plan-ruining things have happened in the past week. Things out of our control. Things we can’t necessarily solve. Things that have put us in this super annoying place where we just have to wait. And waiting is just so stupid and lame and I hate it. I have a lot of strong feelings about this waiting thing, obviously.

So as I was telling my supervisor (i.e. the counselor for counselors because we have to tell somebody our crazy thoughts) all of my feelings about all of these happenings in my life, she told me something absolutely brilliant. Something I tell my own clients (in ways that apply to their own crises, of course). She said, “Take the NCE.” Well, of course. Why didn’t I think of that? I have to take the NCE at some point anyway. Why not now?

Counselors are so smart, y’all. Well, all the ones I know. But seriously. I cannot tell you how excited I am about taking a test! I’m so lame, I know. But I can hardly wait to study. I have a tiny sense of direction again after this aimless wandering of sorts. And this tiny sense of direction has given me a little glimmer of hope. It’s so practical. And probably a little silly to most. I can’t do much of anything other than wait. And that will drive me to drink on the best of days, dear ones. But I can take this test.

Do you find yourself in a similar holding pattern? Losing heart. Losing motivation. Losing purpose. Find one small thing that you can do. Maybe it’s simply getting out of bed and making your kids breakfast. Maybe it’s praying for that person who hurt you. Maybe it’s going for a run. Maybe it’s taking the NCE.

What is your NCE? What is one small thing you can do to just keep moving forward?