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I’m not entirely sure how I should start. So I’ll just jump right in. We’re moving. Yes, you read that right. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. We are, in fact, moving once again. This time, we’re moving back to a place that became home to us almost as soon as we rolled in, back to Georgia. I never imagined I would consider Georgia home, but it kind of is just that.

Part of me fears that we’re just giving up. Because life way up here close to our Canadian brothers & sisters has been a challenge. Not just the weather, as you all, if you’ve been following along, could quickly tell was not my favorite thing. But all the parts were just a challenge. It’s a different culture up here, one that we have learned we’re just not suited for. I hate that disappointment in my gut when I think we’ve failed, when I think I’ve failed. And that’s what this feels like to me: a big, fat failure. And I started walking through all the reasons we {read: I} should just suck it up & stay. Life is not guaranteed to be easy. Maybe we’re supposed to be uncomfortable & unsettled & unwelcome. Maybe we’re supposed to struggle with feelings of isolation & loneliness & depression the rest of our days. This is just silly. Why would God move us allllllll the way up here for 9 months. It makes zero sense. We’re going to look like fools. And there it was. The real reason I struggled with this decision: what will other people think of us. It’s quite funny to me that I struggle with wanting others’ approval too much & J struggles with not wanting it enough. But it’s also extremely nice when you’re husband can simply say, “Who cares? They aren’t the ones living our lives.” Those words were freeing to me.

But I was still so concerned that people would think we’re choosing a life of ease & comfort for ourselves. I mean, isn’t that what we’re doing? And then J reminded me of how difficult our home life is on a daily basis simply because we’ve chosen to bring the very brokenness of the world into our own family & embrace it as our own. And then something whispered, deep in my soul, “You let go of comfort & ease a long time ago.” And I wept at the thought of having people holding our weary arms up once again. Because this path is a difficult & treacherous one.

And so, after much prayer & deliberation, we’re moving back. Back to chic-fil-a & sunshine. Back to family & friends who love us & support us. Back to jobs we both love & are passionate about. Back home.