Inside the Name

I am a 26 year old wife and mother (and soon student, again). I definitely don’t have life all figured out. My step-dad, Scott, came up with my blog title. It’s sort of an inside joke, but I don’t mind sharing with you. We always thought it was funny how people (mainly ladies) pose the question, “Does this <insert article of clothing> make me look fat?” I mean. Really. I’m honest enough to admit that it’s my fat that makes me look fat. So. We started asking each other the question, “Does this make me look fat?” and our response to each other was always the same. “No, it doesn’t. Your fat makes you look fat.” Duh. So. Does this Blog make me look Fat is all about honesty. Taking a look at your views, opinions, thoughts, etc. and being able to challenge them. Or change them. Or challenge others. I mean. I kind of think that we need a little more honesty in our own lives. Being able to be honest with yourself is a gift. I hope we’re able to achieve that here.


1 thought on “Inside the Name”

  1. Nice blog. Love the title. Sheer genius. 🙂

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